CubyCube - Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Lamayon Games
  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Release Date: Feb 04, 2016
  • Price: $0.99 USD
  • Home: (includes 1080p video and screenshots)
  • Developer:

What is it?

With a cheerful nod to retro arcade classics and powered by iOS physics, CubyCube is the brand new release from Lamayon Games. The temper-testing challenge of motor skills and patience is set in a bright playing field populated by laterally-invading cubes and cleared by wangling different colored swirls into rows.

How does it work?

CubyCube is driven by the Apple gyroscope and gameplay is controlled exclusively by organic motion. No switches, swipes, release or toggle controls are required. Instead, players must juggle the parameters of movement – up and down, left and right – with each axis subject to the additional influences of butter-smooth pitch, roll and yaw.

What happens?

Devices are steered, swerved, rolled, tipped and tilted to coax five different colors of candy swirls into spaces. However, when dropped, new swirls join the others and players must maneuver the whirling swirls into their matching color rows to detonate a row of cubes. An occasional SuperMine drops into the playing field with the potential to temporarily clear one flank before the claustrophobia of a solid jam.
Logarithmic speed adjustment is calibrated to achieve addictive increases in difficulty through 30 levels and carefully-selected sound effects are complemented by an electropop theme. The result is a challenging, fun and beautifully-rendered game. CubyCube is perfectly at home in queues, on the bus and train, in the office, in playgrounds and wherever the occasion warrants a wangle of whirly swirls.

Key Features

  • COOL retro-arcade feel is powered and controlled by the latest iOS physics engine for truly compelling and unique gameplay
  • PLAY CubyCube anywhere and instantly swap your worries for an ocean of motion!
  • ENJOY four dimensions of physical world freedom – up/down, left/right – all responding to natural pitch, roll and yaw
  • PURE MOTION – no toggles, clicks, swipes or press select for weapons in the gameplay
  • SMOOTH logarithmic speed adjustment for addictive increases in difficulty
  • GREAT for all age groups and for anyone in search of an enjoyable motor-skills based distraction
  • MESMERIZING colors, swirls, explosions, reflections and involving game challenges are all superbly rendered
  • FRESH and funky CubyCube Theme makes you want to dance and play at the same time
  • 100% AD-FREE, NO IN-APP PURCHASE – just full version fun – no catch and no worries!

About the developers

Lamayon Games - We are two independent game developers from Cologne, Germany. Our goal is to create fresh and inspiring new games for mobile devices. We are focused on game controlling via device motion.

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CubyCube is a game from Lamayon Games