CubyCube Lite is the FREE version of the amazing CubyCube arcade game. It brings you six levels of swirly, whirly fun!

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CubyCube – where you wangle the whirly swirls!

Successfully launched on Apple’s App Store in February 2016, Lamayon Games’ CubyCube packs a unique world of movement into a haptic and hectic, temper-testing game. Players steer, swerve, roll, tip and tilt their iPhones and iPads to coax candy swirls into spaces and blow up rows of cubes encroaching upon the playing field from left and right.

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Apple’s gyroscope gears real physics to pure fun

CubyCube’s uncanny movement control comes from the gyroscope in Apple devices. Real time physics leads to fresh, engrossing and innovative gameplay geared to the natural dynamics of the physical world. Players of all ages are synchronizing their motor skills and patience to move their devices and wangle the whirly swirls.

Feel the emotion of motion!

Thanks to its smooth logarithmic speed adjustment, increases in difficulty through the levels are natural and addictive. Players must effectively balance their natural physical motion as the wrong colored swirls fill the gaps that must be frantically filled. In this way, providing a multi-aspect game challenge within a recognizable playing field demands exclusive use of motion to play. No switches, swipes, release or toggle controls are found in CubyCube.

The walls are most definitely closing in

As the clock ticks and pressure mounts with the rows closing in from both sides, limited help is at hand with a drop of a SuperMine. Maneuvering the SuperMine into a space permits clearance of that side of the playing field allowing players brief respite before the next waves of rows squeeze the field of play into a solidly jammed game over.

30 levels of swirly, whirly, beautifully rendered enjoyment

Complexity is added when new swirls – of varying colors – drop into the playing field forcing players to juggle with even more permutations. Candy pink, strawberry, blueberry, fruity grape, tangy lime and zesty orange swirls become almost hypnotic due to the quality of rendering all the way through 30 levels of addictive multicolored fun.

The sound complements the vision

The specially commissioned CubyCube Theme enhances the playing experience by adding an uplifting and fresh electropop soundtrack to the carefully-selected sound effects range.

A cheeky, nervy and temper-testing way to enjoy pure distraction

CubyCube has already found its fans in playgrounds, queues, on train platforms, on buses, in canteens, in offices and in homes where players eagerly burn off time and nervous energy by plunging into a happy, natural and bizarrely motional world of cubes and swirls.

Features at a glance

  • COOL retro-arcade feel is powered and controlled by the latest iOS physics engine for truly compelling and unique gameplay
  • PLAY CubyCube anywhere and instantly swap your worries for an ocean of motion!
  • ENJOY four dimensions of physical world freedom – up/down, left/right – all responding seamlessly to natural pitch, roll and yaw
  • PURE MOTION – no toggles, clicks, swipes or press select for weapons in the gameplay
  • SMOOTH logarithmic speed adjustment for addictive increases in difficulty
  • GREAT for all age groups and for anyone in search of an enjoyable motor-skills based distraction
  • MESMERIZING colors, swirls, explosions, reflections and involving game challenges are all beautifully rendered
  • FRESH and funky CubyCube Theme makes you want to dance and play at the same time
  • 100% AD-FREE, NO IN-APP PURCHASE – just full version fun – no catch and no worries!

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Here you will find our CubyCube Fact Sheet Online.

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